The Awakening:
Where Stories Come Alive

G.G. Greg Agency

What is it?

The Awakening is an intimate theater experience where ghost stories come to life.

Every venue, campus, or group has their own ghost stories, and we work with your team to make the well-known tales have a life of their own.

Don’t have your own iconic ghost story? We have stories that are fun, spooky, and entertaining that we can use if none are provided.

What is it not?

The Awakening is not an attempt to speak to the dead, nor is it in poor taste.

Who is it?

The Awakening is performed by long-time professionals who know how to create an experience that will be long remembered.

When is it?

The Awakening is usually booked for the Halloween season, but is available any time of year.

Where is it?

The Awakening can be performed in many venues and situations. Do you have a creepy castle? In the fireplace room would be perfect! Only have a ballroom? That can work too!

Anywhere can be transformed into a delightful performance venue. Let us know what space you have available to you, and we will work with you!